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Rui Gato and Hiraku Suzuki – Beam Drop

January 25, 2011

Artists: Rui Gato and Hiraku Suzuki
Title: Beam Drop
Netlabel: test tube
Release Date: 08 November 2010
Download mp3: zip

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Beverlin, Draper & Glenn – Rogues

November 15, 2010

Beverlin, Draper & Glenn - Rogues

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David Fungi – Lost Lands

October 14, 2010

David Fungi - Lost Lands

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Philip Croaton – Easy

September 14, 2010

Philip Croaton - Easy

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Minimal States – Interiors

August 19, 2010

Minimal States - InteriorsI first came across Minimal States a year ago with their release City of Buffalo on Clinical Archives and Digital Kunstrasen and I’ve been hooked ever since. Listen to “Alternatives” (mp3) to see what I mean. Thom Carter aka Minimal States has put out several free releases over the last year and each has been equally as good. This August, test tube releases their third Minimal States album, Interiors, which the artist says is the final of his trilogy which includes like a photograph and Liberty Hoax. Interiors is a wonderful electronic album and I especially love “Structures”,  an electronica piece that could have been included on a Tangerine Dream album from late 70s. Download these three releases from test tube as well as City of Buffalo. You too will be sold.

Artist: Minimal States
Title: Interiors
Netlabel: test tube
Release Date: 08 August 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01: Openness (mp3), 02. Structures (mp3), and 03. Projections (mp3).

Mensa – Moorland

August 7, 2010

Mensa - MoorlandReleased a month ago, Mensa‘s Moorland (test tube) has been one of those albums I’ve been meaning to write about. However the two good reviews of these works at Disquiet and Netlabels & News probably slowed me down a bit, but what the hell. The combination of drones and field recordings lend itself to a special eeriness. Even with all the goodness that is Moorland, add to that with Mensa’s remix Braid Heritage (Resting Bell), one comes away with two works that are quite exceptional. One can imagine, if Heathcliff had an iPod, this is what he would have been listening to when wandering the moors.*  As a side note, you also might know Mensa better as Edu Comelles the curator of netlabel Audiotalia.

Artist: Mensa
Title: Moorland
Netlabel: test tube
Release Date: 08 July 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the links below

Tracks: 01. A Drone That Grows as The Ferry Arrives (mp3), 02. Blackford Hill Quarry (mp3), 03. Glencoe (mp3), 04. Hermitage of Braid (Redux) (mp3), and 05. Moorland (mp3)

* Even this geographically-challenged American knows that Wuthering Heights did not take place is Scotland.

Cryptic Scenery – Low Battery

July 21, 2010

Cryptic Scenery - Low Battery

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Paul Sharma – Safar

July 11, 2010

Paul Sharma - SafarWhen I first wrote this review I had this witty little rant about storing my CD collection in a rental storage unit where my neighbors are probably serial killers and pornographers. But that’ll have to wait for another day. When I went to test tube’s website to grab my links and such for this post, there was an unsigned note (Pedro Leitão?). My heart skipped a beat. When is a note on the front page of a netlabel ever a good thing? It seems that for the curator of test tube, the netlabel may just be getting in the way of life, especially when trying to raise a 4 year old.

Well, days have 24 hours and I can not do everything I was used to do when I didn’t had all these variables in my life. In any case I’m not giving up test tube, so don’t worry folks! Releases may come out more spaced between them, there may not be a lot of news posted here and newsletter still be sparse… but the quality of the music test tube releases and my dedication to the label is and will ever be the same as in day one!

Totally understandable and hopefully test tube will continue putting out great music — even on a limited basis. But enough dilly-dallying and on to the music.

Paul Sharma, a digital print artist and painter as well as a musician, released Safar (test tube), an album that is a combination world and electronic music. The liner notes say it is an “attempt in relating Indian Raga music and scales with western modern composition, electronic composition.” The first two tracks, “Voices” (mp3) and “Sofia” (mp3), are both dazzling and mysterious and more indebted to World Music than say the third track, “Journey” (mp3), that definitely has the electronic, soundscape feel to it. Sharma returns to the worldy beauty with the final track, “Safar” (mp3). Inviting and enchanting.

Artist: Paul Sharma
Title: Safar
Netlabel: test tube
Release Date: 06 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01. Voices (mp3), 02. Sofia (mp3), 03. Journey (mp3), and 04. Safar (mp3).

Analog Workshop – Emporium of Broken Toys

June 26, 2010

Analog Workshop –  Emporium of Broken ToysIt’s early morning and I am sitting on my deck. It’s beautifully cool outside, a cup of Café Bustelo to my right, and earbuds bringing forth the smooth IDM beats of Analog Workshop‘s Emporium of Broken Toys (test tube). Like most of the albums I like, there is something just off with Emporium of Broken Toys. Just behind the effortlessly flowing beats are tinges of noise, glimpses of imperfection. Damn fine album to go along with a damn fine cup of coffee.

Artist: Analog Workshop
Title: Emporium of Broken Toys
Netlabel: test tube
Release Date: 09 May 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01. The Bright Side of Darkness (mp3), 02. Song of Distant Earth (mp3), 03. Tranquility Base (mp3), 04. Emporium of Broken Toys (mp3), 05. Scotch Tape and Paper Hearts (mp3), 06. Mystery Babylon (mp3), 07. Cartoon Generation (mp3), 08. Satellite Angel (mp3), 09. The Devil is Digital (mp3), 10. Children Play on Crooked Sidewalks (mp3), 11. Noisy Little Spirits (mp3), 12. Last Broadcast (mp3), 13. 100 Years of Solitude (mp3), 14. Serotonin (mp3), and 15. Some Kind of Strange Dream (mp3).