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The Making of Opaque Glitter

November 30, 2010

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Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado – Take This Longing

July 5, 2010

Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado - Take This LongingAuscultation is the medical term for listening to the sounds inside the body. I don’t know if there is a similar term in music that requires the listener to listen inside the sounds, but if there such a term or method, one would need it for Take This Longing (Feedback Loop). Leonardo Rosado, the curator of Feedback Loop,  collaborated with Adam Williams to produce this subtle musical experience.  The liner notes, by Thomas Raukamp, are entitled “The Art of Listening” which is deceptively simple, though entirely accurate on how to “attack” this album. The combination of melody, field recordings, glitches and drones demand more than the undivided listening, it requires the sound viewer to be be artful, to be listening inside the music — auscultation, if you will.

Artist: Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado
Title: Take This Longing
Netlabel: Feedback Loop
Release Date: 28 May 2010
Download mp3: Bandcamp
Listen: Bandcamp

Tracks: 01. To Begin, 02. Ethos, 03. A Sudden Loss of Meaning part I, 04. What Has Gone is Lost Forever, 05. A Sudden Loss of Meaning part II, 06. A Lifetime Spent Together, and 07. Take This Longing.