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Alex Durlak – Lowing

January 26, 2011

Artist: Alex Durlak
Title: Lowing
Netlabel: Audio Gourmet
Release Date: 26 October 2010
Download mp3: zip

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Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Before I Go

November 29, 2010

Carl Sagan's Ghost - Before I Go

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Specta Ciera – Meadow Return

September 18, 2010

Specta Ciera - Meadow Return

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2 Works by Philip Sulidae

September 13, 2010

Philip Sulidae's Meetings with Half Light

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Small Things on Sundays – Recalling

September 7, 2010

Small Things on Sundays - Recalling

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Model Citizen – The Duke of Lancaster

August 23, 2010

Model Citizen - The Duke of LancasterEarlier this year, Adam Williams along with Leonardo Rosado put out one of the most beautiful albums of the year, Take This Longing (Feeback Loop). So when Williams announced that he, as Model Citizen, would be releasing a new album, I was filled with anticipation. Model Citizen’s The Duke of Lancaster (Audio Gourmet) is everything I had hoped for, a beautifully layered two-song EP of drones that capture the listener’s attention. Each track seems to be divided into two parts, though not straying too far from the theme,  and this division gives you an opportunity to reflect. Along with the fascinating tracks is the equally impressive cover photograph of The Duke of Lancaster by Hannah Richards. This photograph adds to the melancholy of Williams’ drones and provides a great example of the importance of artwork with a netlabel release.

Artist: Model Citizen
Title: The Duke of Lancaster
Netlabel: Audio Gourmet
Release Date: 18 August 2010
Download mp3: Bandcamp
Listen: Click below

Tracks: 01. I and 02. II.

Entia Non – Dead Blue Horizon

August 17, 2010

Entia Non - Dead Blue HorizonAfter a tough day a work and coming home to a sick child, sometimes trying to get blogging in is a difficult thing. But on the way home I came across Entia Non‘s Dead Blue Horizon (Audio Gourmet). It was just the thing as I drove along the back roads that periodically touched the river beds. And now its bed time and I haven’t still written anything, but a look over my playlist from today brought me back to Dead Blue Horizon. James McDougall aka Entia Non isn’t a stranger to me — okay, maybe McDougall is — but Entia Non is not, due to several releases on test tube and Resting Bell. Entia Non’s latest work on Audio Gourmet is short, a mere 15 minutes, and it hugs the shores “ambient noise” though it leans heavily towards the ambient side. A great work and what was needed for this listener at this specific time.

Artist: Entia Non
Title: Dead Blue Horizon
Netlabel: Audio Gourmet
Release Date: 11 July 2010
Download: Visit Website
Listen: Click down below

Tracks: 01. Penultimate Teather, 02. When The Land Settles You, and 03. Nicklin’s Gate.