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Week of 18 October 2010

Benjamin Dauer – Burning of Wine (Distance Recordings) more
Factory Kids – Get Gone (Noecho Records) more
Mind over MIDI – Thru (Sutemos) more
pous – electric city (Noecho Records) more

Week of 11 October 2010

Antanas Jasenka – Tangophoni (1994/1995) (Clinical Archives) more
David Fungi – Lost Lands (test tube) more
Marow – Lysår (klitorikº) more
Simon Waldam – Songs Without Words (Negative Sound Institute) more
The Inventors of Aircraft – As It Is (Resting Bell) more
themur – re syvrtso seudoteol (Fwonk*) more
Will Thomas Long – Sequoia (Basic Sounds) more

Week of 04 October 2010

Kirk McNally, Jeff Morton – And the Daily Life (Panospria) more
Lazers! – Lazers! (Stasisfield) more
Litmus0001 – Hikikomori (Just Not Normal) more
Meteer – Unless (BFW Recordings) more
NP – Quinze (Petcord) more
Xarhope on the Road – Cario Mall (Green Field Recordings) more

Week of 27 September 2010

ArnAck – To Mars (Breathe) more
ldtem – farewell (Feedback Loop) more
Phillip Wilkerson – Familiar Voices (Amorphos) more
Simon Whetham and VA – Active Crossover (Impulsive Habit) more

Week of 20 September 2010

Clem Leek – Snow Tales (Self-Released) more
Heu{s-k}ach – Un (test tube) more
Mystified – EarthWaves (Earth Mantra) more
Mystified – Tropical Depression (Bump Foot) more
Perimeter – Perceiving The Invisible (Dark Winter) more
Swaying Smoke – From Ruin to Bliss (PublicSpaces Lab) more

Week of 13 September 2010

Landrecorder – Fern Battles (Self-released) more
Philip Croaton – Easy (test tube) more
Philip Sulidae – Hidden and Tied (Audio Gourmet) more
Philip Sulidae – Meetings with Half Light (Audiotalaia) more
Specta Ciera – Meadow Return (Audio Gourmet) more
Vaia – Mi Drum, Mi Bass, Mi Casa (audio:808) more
Various Artists – Of Places and Moments (Just Not Normal) more
Yara – Eternal Sadness (Dedpop) more

Week of 6 September 2010

A.K.A. Gelbart – Banjo Tapes (birdsong) more
Anton Mobin – LONDON – a field memory (Wandering Ear) more
Arze Kareem – Akstrumentals Vol. 1 (Audiocast Productions) more
Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Music for Home Offices: Volume One (Self-released) more
Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Music for Home Offices: Volume Two (Self-released) more
Small Things on Sunday – Recalling (Audio Gourmet) more

Week of 30 August 2010

Cagey House – Stupid Grin (Sayorana Records) more
Makunouchi Beno – Swimé (Eerk Inpuj Sound) more
Second Face – Second Face (Limitless Audio) more
Specta Ciera – Accumulation Section (Earth Mantra) more
Various Artists  – Album in a Day (BFW Recordings) more

Week of 23 August 2010

Hectic – Vector (Fwonk) more
Landrecorder – Morning-Afternoon-Evening more
Marcus Fischer – Arctic/Antarctic (Luxx) more
Model Citizen – The Duke of Lancaster (Audio Gourmet) more
Mr. Bitterness – Epic Flail (Self-Released) more
Saiph – Diffusion (Dark Winter) more
Sustainer – Cromosoma (Miga) more
Sustainer – Distancia (Audiotalia) more
Sustainer – Vértice (escala) more

Week of 16 August 2010

The Beige Channel – The Palace of Gathered Elegance (Cyclene) more
Caludo Curciotti – Nepalese: Sounds from Nepal (Impulsive Habit) more
Entia Non – Dead Blue Horizon (Audio Gourmet) more
François-Emmanuelle Fodéré – Sounds and Images from India (TOP-40) more
I’ve Lost – Dissociative Fugue (Feedback Loop) more
Minimal States – Interiors (test tube) more
Various Artists – The Future Lab (PublicSpaces Lab) more

Week of 9 August 2010

Drafts on a theme – Rush (Kahvi) more
EugeneKha – Electric Dreadlocks (45RPM) more
Georg Hekt – Three Around Ten (Stigae) more
Impuls – Symbiose (Dusted Wax Kingdom) more
[Mizantrop] – Mental Illness (Subwise) (Umpako) more
ocp – A variar (MiMi) more
ocp – Drone to the Bone (Editora do Porto) more

Week of 2 August 2010

Aestate – Reken Harvest (Crazy Language) more
Emiliano Hernandez-Santana – Limbø (biodata) more
ItsAllOneSong – MudDogs (Earth Mantra) more
Mensa – Moorland (test tube) more
Mystified – Adventures of Plunderman (Webbed Hand Records) more
Nik Sake F – Carma (Abracadabra Recordings) more

Week of 26 July 2010

Glamma Wood – Keepin It Steady (Dubbhism) more
KenLo Craqnuques – Brun (Self-released) more
LR-60 & Mr Moods – Earlier Works (Dusted Wax Kingdom) more
Luís Antero – Radio Yuri (Impulsive Habit) more
みみみ – みんなのうたりん (Maltin Records) more

Week of 19 July 2010

Bran Lanen – Extinction of Exceptions (zimmer-records) more
Clicks and Errors – Klimakapsel (Phonocake) more
Cryptic Scenery – Low Battery (test tube) more
Glatze – Glatze (The Centrifuge) more
Lars Lunhave Hansen – Catching Fire (con-v) more
Paolinio Canzoneri – I Giorni Del Dimagrimento (Petcord) more
Victor Event – Silence (Abracadabra Records) more

Week of 12 July 2010

Agustín Medina – The Mask of God (48 Laws) more
Christoph Schindling – Expressions (Tropic) more
MENNI – Конвейер детского счастья (Abracadabra Records) more
ponytea – Simón de Cirene (circlesandlines) more
Tatu Ninja – Tatu #1 (MiMi) more
Thanato Twist & Oleg’s Sound System – Swing Nastication (Just Not Normal) more
The Strait of Anain – This Wandering Winter (Qunabu) more

Week of 05 July 2010

Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado – Take This Longing (Feedback Loop) more
Banyek – Csodaszarvas (Budabeats) more
Jimmy Penguin – Sean-Scéal (Bump Foot) more
Omyiga – Maiwea Park (Pavillon36 Recordings) more
Paul Sharma – Safar (test tube) more
Peak – So Shy (aquietbump) more
W – Physalis (elpamusic) more

Week of 28 June 2010

Chupaconcha – Bestia Session (51beats) more
Elphy Ant – Brightest Mind (Bump Foot) more
The Hype Sonic Resonator – Blind Man’s Bluff (Terminalstation) more
Javier Hernando – Quebrantos (con-v) more
Microbit Project – Black Book (Proc-records) more
Mister Vapor – Warped Essence (Treetrunk) more
::vtol:: – Supplication (TOP-40) more

Week of 21 June 2010

Analog Workshop – Emporium of Broken Toys (test tube) more
Chefa Alonso & Albert Kaul – El ojo del huracán (alg-a) more
Iternal Noise – Penetration (Umpako) more
John Kannenberg – Oculus (Wandering Ear) more
Kirill Platonkin – Our Eternal Alarm (Dark Winter) more
xarhope – musique pour bande dessinée (Pandafuzz) more
Zmitser von Holzman – A Beard Like A Bird (Zimmer Records) more

Week of 14 June 2010

Cagey House – Do The Magnet (WeirdAndWired) more
Jonas the Plugexpert – Ondervlak (acroplane) more
Mystified – Secret Tapes (Bump Foot) more
Plantae – Fehlgeleiteten Seele (elpamusic) more
Syndrôm – Nomades En No Man’s Land (bypass) more
Tom Larson – After A Long Day (mixotic) more
Voder – Fields (Just Not Normal) more

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