Rui Gato and Hiraku Suzuki – Beam Drop

January 25, 2011

Artists: Rui Gato and Hiraku Suzuki
Title: Beam Drop
Netlabel: test tube
Release Date: 08 November 2010
Download mp3: zip

My other review today focused on a work that assigned sounds made by a moving object and now this review is about an album that  concentrates on the sounds made by an immovable object, Chris Burden’s BEAM DROP 1984/2008.

Rui Gato and Hiraku Suzuki viewed Burden’s work one day in Brazil, returned the next day with a field recorder and began to extract sounds from it. Though broken up into seven tracks, Beam Drop is one recording of an improvisation by Gato and Suzuki in a limited time frame as a bus waited for them in the distance. If one listens carefully you can hear the artists talk about how and what they are creating as well as cries of amazement as different sounds are drawn out of the sculpture. Gato and Suzuki’s beam drop is exciting for me as it is filled with the childhood innocence of banging pans on the kitchen floor.

Rui Gato and Hiraku Suzuki’s “Knowing Limits” (mp3)

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