Iain McCurdy – Pendulum

January 25, 2011

Artist: Iain McCurdy
Title: Pendulum
Netlabel: Audition Records
Release Date: 16 October 2010
Download mp3: zip

One of the most overlooked netlabels of 2010 on this blog and elsewhere on the net was Audition Records, an off-shoot of the always interesting Audiotalia netlabel. Due to this neglect,  it is my hope that in 2011, I will write more about the improvisational and live releases of Audition Records which is curated by Julian Bonequi.

Iain McCurdy’s “Pendulum” is based upon a sound installation that assigns 64 sensors and specific sounds that track a pendulum’s movement. Sometimes the sounds come in a metronone-like beat, other times they appear as silences and still other times the sounds come quickly as the pendulum makes shorter and shorter journeys. The use of this organized chaos and music by Greg Caffrey and Simon Mawhinney makes this 10-minute release fascinating.

Iain McCurdy’s “Pendulum” (mp3)

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