kitty_kit – the backside of memories

January 20, 2011

Artist: kitty_kit
Title: the backside of memories
Netlabel: Zeromoon
Release Date: 16 October 2010
Download mp3: zip

Usually Google is my friend, but today it isn’t. I’ve been listening to Hubert Napiorski’s improvisations based on acoustic laptops and kalimbas (or African thumb pianos), kitty_kit’s the backside of memories (Zeromoon),  so I was a bit intrigued. It appears that Polish artist Napiorski may be involved in the CD-R  world of experimental sound art as he runs a label and as a few entries in discogs. As the liner notes of the backside of memories unclearly state, Napiorski was focused “on getting as much as possible and as little as it is impossible”. If that doesn’t clear it up for you, then maybe this will — if you like electronic hum with your acoustic improvisations then this is for you.

kitty_kit’s “Picnic Basket” (mp3)

Special kudos to Napiorski and, as always, Zeromoon for releasing this under Creative Commons licensing that allows remixing.

2 Responses to “kitty_kit – the backside of memories”

  1. Hubert Napiorski Says:

    Thank You for a owrd about my album.Hubert

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