Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Before I Go

November 29, 2010

Carl Sagan's Ghost - Before I Go

Some albums have an emotive quality to them that is evoked in the music. Some albums like Carl Sagan’s Ghost‘s Before I Go (Audio Gourmet) also compound that emotive quality with some sort of special meaning outside the actual music. Daniel Davis aka Carl Sagan’s Ghost has announced that he’ll be moving on from ambient style music in the future.

Although he possesses an immense talent with producing ambient, as an artist he feels that he shouldn’t focus entirely on one style of music. So he has just a couple more ambient releases scheduled for release before he heads off in a different direction with other musical projects and ideas.

I have enjoyed Davis’ ambient works and will miss new ones in the future, but I completely understand Davis’ need as an artist to do new things. In the meantime, we have the luscious Before I Go to listen to.

Artist: Carl Sagan’s Ghost
Title: Before I Go
Netlabel: Audio Gourmet
Release Date: 29 October 2010
Download mp3: hyperlinks

Tracks: 01. Part One (mp3) and 02. Part Two (mp3).

Note: I reviewed Carl Sagan’s Ghost work before for PublicSpaces Lab.

One Response to “Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Before I Go”

  1. gurdonark Says:

    I like Carl Sagan’s Ghost music. I think it will be fun to hear what he does beyond ambient music. I like the way that Creative Commons artists are not bound to one genre in the way that commercial artists can sometimes be bound, for marketing reasons, to one style.

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