Ne(w)t Release – Oct/Nov 2010

November 14, 2010

Ne(w)t Releases Oct/Nov 2010

It’s been almost a month since my last list of new netlabel releases. Oddly enough, it took the same amount of time to build. So, I’ll be moving to a monthly list as that just makes the most sense, for me at least.

Link: Artist – Title (Netlabel)
Link: Nucleoheart – Life Is Dead (3Loop)
Link: Mikra – My Me (45rpm)
Link: Sascha Müller – Locutus (4m@-records)
Link: Krögen Kranz – Cancerogens (A.M.P.)
Link: Nik XaOS – Revelation Demon (A.M.P.)
Link: äNACRUSä – El pastor de ballenas (A.M.P.)
Link: Yair López – epep popo (A.M.P.)
Link: Orlando15 – I’m Build a Bicycle (Abracadabra)
Link: Goutha – Emotional Dimentions (Acustronica)
Link: Klakson – Beauty and The Klakson (Airbagpromo)
Link: IntoXication – Kill Yourself and Go To Hollywood (Airbagpromo)
Link: Edit Error – Unconscious Scenery (Altema)
Link: Ryan Laccohee – Workshop 1 (Arew)
Link: SFAA – Seneen Sessions (Arew)
Link: Decoder – Demo (Asim’tria)
Link: DJ Knob King – Destruyedo la moral (Asim’tria)
Link: Púdrete – Cruel (Asim’tria)
: Sinux – aerorradioestaciones (audio:808)
Link: Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Before I Go (Audio Gourmet)
Link: Alex Durlak – Lowing (Audio Gourmet)
Link: VA – Made in Hungary (Audioexit)
Link: Marc Bestgen – Titan (Audiocast)
Link: Mr. Headphone – Spiral (Audiocast)
Link: Rezo Glotni – Street Risen Wire (audiotong)
Link: Overcast Sound – Holding Pattern (Basic Sound)
Link: Bing Satellites – Accidental Music I (BFW Recordings)
Link: The Danger Girl Starship – Teenager (BFW Recordings)
Link: Ekofish – Bad Weather (BFW Recordings)
Link: i AM esper – EP (BFW Recordings)
Link: False Awakening – The Corn Field Theory (BFW Recordings)
Link: Abluonihil – R100%=G (biodata)
Link: Out Level: Delay (Guitar Solo #4) (biodata)
Link: Tzara – Degrowth (Black Lantern Music)
Link: VA – The Bleak Compilation (Bleak)
Link: Various Artists – Tamanui Te Ra (BPM Front)
Link: AXMusique – Second, The Same (Brennnessel)
Link: Himan – A Story to Tell (Broque)
Link: Elphy Ant – Brighest Mind (Bump Foot)
Link: Gridline – Passages and Satellites (Bump Foot)
Link: DJ Sledge – Beat Monkey Vol. 3 (Bushmen Records)
Link: Rotodrone – Diving Mind Remixed (The Centrifuge)
Link: The NumberJack – A Hectic Life (Chase)
Link: Paul Beauchamp –  Sala B – Intervention (Chew-Z)
Link: Palumbo/Tomasini – The Hunting Dogs of Boötes the Herdsman (Chew-Z)
Link: False Awakening – Quiet Planet (circlesandlines)
Link: Obitel Thelema – A (Clinical Archives)
Link: Joe Frawley – Speak of this to no one (Clinical Archives)
Link: Max Sipowicz – A view from the forest (Clinical Archives)
Link: dmyra – Suspension of Disbelief (Clinical Archives)
Link: Hautlle – Boundaries Destroyed (Complex Sound Sagacity)
Link: Eddie Entropy – Blot Out the Sun with Sex (Dark Winter)
Link: Brian Burger – Assault ( Digital Diamonds)
Link: VA – Brutkasten #Eins (Digital Kunstrasen)
Link: Sta$D400 – Formula Too Complex (Digital Kunstrasen)
Link: Thee Crumb – One Nation Under a Glass (Digital Vomit)
Link: Solypsis – Detritus (Digital Vomit)
Link: Infirm Individual – The Book Of Lkqkjsqi (Dramacore)
Link: Emmoti ON – Monofixation (Dramacore)
Link: Esbe – Late Night Headhpones Vol 1. (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
Link: Esbe – Late Night Headphones Vol 2. (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
Link: Aydio – Pele’s Tears (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
Link: Medicine Man – The Ether (Earth Mantra)
Link: Lucette Bourdin and Darrell Burgan – Prasantih (Earth Mantra)
Link: Shane Morris – Premonition (Earth Mantra)
Link: Susperia-Electrica – Intrinsic (Earth Mantra)
Link: BlingBling – Chaosplan (Eastern Recordings)
Link: Mutate – Drne (Electronic Musik)
Link: Eguana – Infinity (Elpa)
Link: Massimo Ruberti – Autour de la Lune (Elpa)
Link: The Mystery Artist – Unquietness (Enough)
Link: Dyman – The Megazine (Enough)
Link: Genox – Hourglass (Enough)
Link: Art of Empathy – Posthuman Decadence (Enough)
Link: Array – The Debut (Equaliteq)
Link: The Dwindlers – Dreams (Feedback Loop)
Link: Deepvoice – Dream Sequences (Field Noise Recordings)
Link: Guitoud – Conscious Rasta (Fresh-Poulp)
Link: Fudgedubnofunk – The Croydon Library Project (Fwonk*)
Link: Katarrhaktes – The Xallarp Investigation (Fwonk*)
Link: tOtALcULt – The Phyche-Hop (Fwonk*)
Link: I Have a Box – Bunnies (Fwonk*)
Link: Sascha Müller – The Revenge of the Computer Gods (Gargan)
Link: DJ Hazard – Mixes Vol 1 (Hazard)
Link: Jaime Munarriz: endlessnic (Hazard)
Link: Jazznoise – CCPC (Hazard)
Link: Joan Bages & Rubi – Deconstruccio Instrumental (Hazard)
Link: Cooloola Monster – Avi Wanna (Hazard)
Link: Cleanscreen – Classification (Homework)
Link: Son Clair – Watermarks (Impulsive Habit)
Link: Hryk – Park 0.1 (Insectorama)
Link: Diatribes & Phonotopy – Partielle D’averse (Insubordinations)
Link: usr/bin – Home Before Dark (Just Not Normal)
Link: Somnaphon – Sarasota (Just Not Normal)
Link: Phillip Wilkerson – Particle (Just Not Normal)
Link: Khate – Therapy (Just Not Normal)
Link: Muied Lumens – Start Point (Just Not Normal)
Link: Fingers in the Noise – Abstract Shadows (Kosmo)
Link: Crashing Airplane – Final Approach EP [Austria] (Kosmo)
Link: Ballpen – The Dreams Triology (La Bel)
Link: Blindbox – Out of Laws Again (Lepork)
Link: Mastermind XS – One Dub Many Roots (LCL)
Link: Urenga – Tidal Wave (Loud and Clear)
Link: Saege – How many faces (
Link: Djulien Ferrantes – The Knothole (
Link: Antipas Group – Gain a Think (MiMi)
Link: ew – Hello (MiMi)
Link: Irish – Miku Step (MiMi)
Link:Sin Drive Smasher – Crazy Tiny (mine, all mine!)
Link: Electric Sea Spider – Mohican Beats (mine, all mine!)
Link: Evenings – North Dorm (mine, all mine!)
Link: Dad School – Tape Songs (min, all mine!)
Link: VA – John’s Preview Disc Vol 1 (mine, all mine!)
Link: Fambly Fun! – Platinum & Gold Collection (mine, all mine!)
Link: Tom Teslik & Ben Knollenberg – Sing/le (mine, all mine!)
Link: El-tin Fun – Random Tandems (mine, all mine!)
Link: Carlos Villagómez – When I Was You (Mixotic)
Link: 1ddual – Sunday Relax (MonoKrak)
Link: DJ Qbot – Heartbeats (Moment Sound)
Link: Ronkabeat – Groovin 24th (Music Kollectiv)
Link: Ros – Like Starlight (Music Kookectiv)
Link: DjCode – Journey (Música Vermella)
Link: pEACEFANg – pEACEFANg (No-Source)
Link: Pous -Before They Started Recording (Noecho)
Link: Apneu and The Stutters – Live at the Purple Pop (NOise Problems)
Link: Mini Mouse Hongerkop (On-Mix)
Link: Macaco Rápido – Inverno Apocalipse (On-Mix)
Link: Sobria Ebrietas – Esion (On-Mix)
Link: みんなでやーまん!! (Otherman)
Link: Martin Back – Unstable Rotation Centers (PandaFuzz)
Link: Italian Husbands – Fucked Up Scenario (Panospria)
Link: Gaston Arevalo – Habitat (Passage)
Link: Elektrosandy – Hegen und Pflegen (Pertin-nce)
Link: Valerio Orlandini – LentoVeloce Propagare D’Abissi (Petcord)
Link: João Clemente – Moan (Petcord)
Link: Emil Davydov – New (Pharmacom)
Link: Uria – The Baby in the Hypercube (Pharmacom)
Link: Uria – Today (Pharmacom)
Link: Analique – Nature Serum (Phonocake)
Link: Lorezon – Zyon Atmosphere (Pinksilver)
Link: Sk’p – Unmute Your Journey (Planet Terror)
Link: Battle Lolis & AO2600 -The Coming of the Great War (proc records)
Link: Flat Affect – Heresy Lost Mixes (proc records)
Link: Batfinks – Stema Tarnyt (Proot)
Link: Sinhobu – Exhaustive, Exhaustive (Quote Unquote)
Link: Local Living Guy – Michael Foot (Rack & Ruin)
Link: Vincent Lillis – The Singularity (Rack & Ruin)
Link: Aairra – Transit (Rain)
Link: Aairra – Chamber Of Winds (Rain)
Link: Special Electric – Kurobear (Rec72)
Link: Paneye – Lost in a Dark Aquarium (Secret Station)
Link: Ops Esponja – Joe Rushmore Session (Secret Station)
Link: Hellmood B Ware – Forget the Old W Need a Newmanity (Section 27)
Link: Altered:Carbon & Kendall WA – Hilander (Section 27)
Link: Pablo Ribot – Urban Metaphor (Section 27)
Link: Stoika – Stoika (Silenced)
Link: Tetarise – Through the Silent Void (Silent Flow)
Link: Second Thought & Noisesurfer – Oncoming Storm (Silent Flow)
Link: VA – Bezdna Radio Essentials 19 (Silent Flow)
Link: Gabbenni Amenassi – Black Stripe (Sociopath)
Link: Rohstein – Rohstein (Sociopath)
Link: Zeuge – Inflow (Sociopath)
Link: VA – Spice Bazaar 36 (Sologroove)
Link: XTRNGR – Circles (Subwise)
Link: Unlogic Thing – Retuoma (Subwise)
Link: Tree, Bosier, Motion Picture Soundtrack (Subwise)
Link: Piper Ben – London Town (Terminalstation)
Link: Lee Rosever – The Vela Companion (Light Years Book II) (test tube)
Link: Rui Gato & Hiraku Suzuki – The Beam Drop (test tube)
Link: A7 – Rain on Arrival (Tonkultur Berlin)
Link: Aleksandr Novikov & Alexey Petin – Varsonofy in da funk (Top40)
Link: Phish Funk – The Squelch (Toucan)
Link: El Hombre Elegante – Portazo y Alud (Trastienda)
Link: Tange – Eternal Dreaming (Tree Trunk)
Link: Andrew Quitter and Digital Mass- Quitting The Masses (Tree Trunk)
Link: VA – Sailors of the Indian Ocean Mix (Tree Trunk)
Link: Gas Tank Orchestra- Homeshed (Tree Trunk)
Link: VA – The Foiled Again Remixes (Tree Trunk)
Link: Ancient Astronauts – Word for the Day (Tree Trunk)
: VA – A Land of Broken Toys Mix (Tree Trunk)
Link: Nirmanakay – Parasamgate (TVK)
Link: sooterkin flesh – the thread of my masters weave (TVK)
Link: Blear Moon – Sauvignon Valley (Umpako)
Link: Expandable Friend – Leaving Before Last Orders (Up Your Legs Forever)
Link: Ghostheory and Tree Helicopter – The Insidious Effects of Nostalgia (Webbed Hand)
Link: o.e.s. – moondogging (Webbed Hand)
Link: Rakombinacje – Izolacje Sensu (Webbed Hand)
Link: Cluster One – Lucid Visions (Webbed Hand)
Link: Genus Inkasso & Additiv – Split (WeirdAndWired)
Link: Helico Bacter – Apple of Content (WeirdAndWired)
Link: Rin and K2K – Unsaid 3rd (Weisskalt/Blauwarm)
Link: RUiNU – Eelmusic (Zeromoon)
Link: Philip Corner – Earth Breath (Zeromoon)
Link: Christian Mohr – Polterabend: The Remixes II (Zimmer)
Link: Unorace – Surface (Zimmer)

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2 Responses to “Ne(w)t Release – Oct/Nov 2010”

  1. electronicmusik Says:

    Thanks for blogging my label releases …. Ian

  2. displatypus Says:

    @electronicmusik – I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the label yet, but something tells me I like your releases very much.

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