Sinux – Aerorradioestaciones

November 10, 2010

Sinux - Aerorradioestaciones

The Argentine netlabel audio:808 never fails to impress and their latest release, Sinux’s Aerorradioestaciones, is no exception. This experimental sound art is full of bends and bleeps, keeping me guessing, though that is not really the word I am searching for. But the twist from this album, and I need to tread carefully here, is that Sonix is a woman. Now, I’ve reviewed other work by women in this blog, but the elephant in the room in regards to netlabels is for as egalitarian as we are, the netlabel scene is extremely dominated by men. So, I am always delighted after listening to an album and finding that a woman was behind the knobs, cables and keyboards. Now, I don’t want to distract from such a fine album as this, so I should probably get back on point. Aerorradioestaciones is most definitely worth a download and as well as multiple listens, but this you’ll discover after your first listen.

Artist: Sinux
Title: Aerorradioestaciones
Netlabel: audio:808
Release Date: 26 October 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks 01. Onolulu (mp3), 02. Planetarism (mp3), 03. Aerorradioespacial (mp3), 04. Oh No Sistem (mp3), and 05. Flooptuacion (mp3)


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