DEB – Miyako

November 10, 2010

DEB - Miyako

As I was writing the post from earlier today, I  realized I hadn’t mention DEB’s Miyako (audio:808), this was a slight that I couldn’t leave unposted. Daniel Veilleux aka DEB has put out an extraordinary electronic albums that could probably best be described as electronica, i.e. electronic music that has no labels. Miyako seems to fluxuate through styles, not track by track, but musical phrase by musical phrase. Veilleux brings an astuteness to the sounds he creates and the listener’s ears always feel comfortable in this composer’s certain hands.

Artist: DEB
Title: Miyako
Netlabel: audio:808
Release Date: 06 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Calle Junin (mp3), 02. Sin Muralla (mp3), 03. Tronconio (mp3), 04. Don’t Go (mp3), 05. In My Head (mp3), 06. Champagne y melo (mp3), and 07. Miyako! (mp3)


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