C. Reider/Desohll – Falling Into Disrepair

October 27, 2010

C. Reider/Deshll - Falling Into Disrepair

On the internets, if you are looking for great dark ambient for a really good price (free!), then the one place to go is Dark Winter. Month after month, release after release, Dark Winter simply puts out some of the best dark ambient. Even if your not a fan of the dark-side, let me suggest that you go to this netlabel and download some of their releases such as C. Reider/Desohll‘s Falling Into Disrepair featuring guitar work by C. Reider followed by manipulations by Desohll. I thought so highly of this work that an excerpt of this track opened the maiden Disruptive Platypus podcast.

Artists: C. Reider/Desohll
Title: Falling Into Disrepair
Netlabel: Dark Winter
Release Date: 25 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Track: 01. Falling Into Disrepair (mp3).

3 Responses to “C. Reider/Desohll – Falling Into Disrepair”

  1. mystified13 Says:

    Awesome! Great music.

  2. […] collaboration with Desohll “Falling into Disrepair” out on the Dark Winter netlabel. – Read the review here Posted by C. Reider Tags:collaborations, desohll, drone, netlabels Categories:reviews & […]

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