Top 10 Reasons to Say No to Eno – Number 9

October 25, 2010

Number 9

Today, I continue my Top Ten Reasons to Say No to Eno when his new album comes out next week. A couple of things to review. First and foremost, and I’ll probably have to repeat this with every edition, I hold Eno in the highest regard. I can safely say, without his work in the 1970s, this blog would not exist. Second, I put in a dig that Eno was in his 60s. This was totally tongue in cheek as I am quickly approaching my 50s. Plenty of artists reach their prime late in life: Mark Twain, Alfred Hitchcock, Beethoven and others. Now on to the countdown.

Number 9: Clinical Archives. This netlabel seemed to start more as an artist label back in 2006. But somewhere in 2008, Clinical Archives blew up into one of the  major netlabels. They currently have over 400 releases in really a period of 3 years, which is an incredible amount. The music stylings fluctuate greatly and, truthfully, I find it difficult to keep up with all their releases. However, the music and the artists that Clinical Archives releases are usually quite good. You will always find something to like in their catalog. Guaranteed.

Top 10 Reasons to Say No to Eno – Number 10

 | CC licensed photograph by Mario Klingemann |


One Response to “Top 10 Reasons to Say No to Eno – Number 9”

  1. c. reider Says:

    I’ve enjoyed several Clinical Archives releases… and perhaps I ought to enjoy some more! Perhaps right now!

    Another good reason.

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