Readings 547 – 567

October 24, 2010

Absorbed in a Dry Place by readerwalker

A week of wandering through blogs about sounds and netlabels.

547: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the first Disruptive Platypus podcast.
548: Catching the Waves reviews Information Ghetto’s Applause Phenomena (Broque)
549: Disquiet writes about the Listen To The Weather Project
550: A new edition of the framework radio podcast
551: Free Albums Galore reviews albums by The Hypersonic Resonator and Nine Strings Trio among others
552: A new ambient podcast from Free Floating
553: Netlabels & News reviews Benjamin Dauer’s Burning of Wine (Distance Recordings)
554: Netlabels Revue writes about albums by echo and Ballpen
555: New IDM(?) podcast from netwaves
556: A podcast so big it’s two podcasts from Phantom Circuit
557: If you haven’t been to Recent Music Heroes you need to. This guy is obsessed with good Creative Commons music. Hint: Have a tab on your browser open to unless of course you can read Estonian.
558: A sonic environmental new podcast featuring Bernie Krause via SonicTerrain
559: Sonic Tourism in Aukland via SonicTerrain
560: Recording drag races via SonicTerrain
561: As you might have noticed the three previous links all originated at SonicTerrain. This is a great blog for field recordings and not everything they published last week is here. So please go and visit their blog.
562: Combining the avant garde and radio in Cut & Splice: Transmission via Sound and Music
563: Review of cozimonot!’s Before the Post-Hop
564: UBLF gives us a dubstep podcast
565: Review of Pretty Little Lights’ Glowing in the Darkest Night via You’ll Soon Know
566: Mystified announces a new site for Treetrunk Records
567: New tracks and new videos. Leonardo Rosalo has been busy on Opaque Glitter.

| CC licensed photograph by readerwalker |

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