Disruptive Platypus Podcast

October 22, 2010

Disruptive Platypus Blog Podcast

I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast for awhile now and what you are witnessing today could very well be the last podcast. Who knows? I surely don’t.

Archive.org page: http://www.archive.org/details/DisruptivePlatypusPodcast001
Download mp3: mp3

Below is a list of the albums as they appear in the podcast.

C Reider and Disohll’s Falling Into Disrepair (Dark Winter)
Swaying Smoke’s From Ruin to Bliss (PublicSpaces Lab)
Ann Deveria’s Domingo Tarde (Audiotalaia)
Specta Ciera’s Meadow Return (Audio Gourmet)
Seeded Plain’s Sectional (Digital Vomit)
John Kannenberg’s Oculus (Wandering Ear)
ldtem’s Farewell (Feedback Loop)
Phillip Wilkerson’s Familiar Voices (Amorphous Music)
Meteer’s Unless (BFW Recordings)

| The CC licensed photograph is by Kevin Dooley |


4 Responses to “Disruptive Platypus Podcast”

  1. […] Here is the link: Disruptive Platypus Podcast […]

  2. gurdonark Says:

    Great line-up on this podcast. I’m eager to give it a listen this weekend.

  3. […] Phil Wilkerson! Meteer! Sheesh, I’m humbled to appear along such well regarded artists. – GO HERE FOR THE PODCAST – The podcast is really well done, with a handy, informative voiceover, and a setlist with links. […]

  4. […] Disruptive Platypus Podcast […]

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