Factory Kids – Get Gone

October 20, 2010

Factory Kids - Get Gone

I usually try to spread out releases from the same label just to give some breathing room for the artists as well as so new readers won’t think that all I do is review albums from the same label. But while I’ve been listening to pouselectric city (Noecho Records), I have also been listening to their other release, Factory KidsGet Gone. I reviewed electric city yesterday and today I take on the Factory Kids’ release.

I think at its heart, Get Gone is a rock’n roll album, but it is heavily influenced by the Creative Common/Netlabel electronic music scene. Sadly, this is only a 20-minute album, but the quality of each track is astounding. If Get Gone were a release from Radiohead, Beck or Björk, the mainstream music reviewers would be creaming in their jeans about the greatness of the album. But alas, Factory Kids is not Radiohead, so the beauty and majesty of this record is left to us, the netlabel community.

Artist: Factory Kids
Title: Get Gone
Netlabel: Noecho Records
Release Date: 21 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. D Doom, 02. Get Gone, 03. Fall Into Time, 04. Nothing Is Reality, and 05. Tale Of Never.


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