pous – electric city

October 19, 2010

pous - electric city

Part of me cries out, “Hey, who put the hip-hop in my experimental electronic music?” While the other part of me says, “Who put the experimental music in my hip-hop?” Turns out it was pous with their electric city (Noecho Records). What a great combination and much better than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Listener’s need to be prepared for this 23-minute 8-track “rap” album. There may be other records out there that are as splendidly disjointed and rough, but I don’t know of them. Before you go ahead and download this album, make sure that you have your big-girl panties on, because otherwise you will not be able to handle electric city.

Artist: pous
Title: electric city
Netlabel: Noecho Records
Release Date: 02 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. three miles high, 02. kaffein, 03. all lone, 04. t(chi) feat. captain imon starr, 05. stepptu, 06. cityzen ad, 07. haler, and 08. clocks.

2 Responses to “pous – electric city”

  1. […] also been listening to their other release, Factory Kids‘ Get Gone. I reviewed electric city yesterday and today I take on the Factory Kids’ […]

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