Liner Notes for Fosel’s Complex Silence 8

October 18, 2010

Liner Notes

Back in the beginning of September, Phillip Wilkerson asked me if I would like to liner notes for Fosel‘s upcoming Complex Silence release.  I gave Fosel’s latest work a listen and was more than intrigued. As familiar as I was with both Fosel’s discography and the Complex Silence library, it was back to the record stacks to relisten to lots of work and well as listen to Complex Silence 8 (Treetrunk) multiple times. Two weeks later and many hours logged into my iPod, I wrote the following:

As mentioned in the liner notes to Fosel’s Couriers of Air [earman111], the artist considers himself more of a sound designer than a musician. If you’ve come this far in your listening of ambient/experimental music in the Creative Commons Netlabel realm, then an artist who calls himself a “sound designer” is not a detraction, it’s an attraction to the artist and their work. Kurt Nimmo aka Fosel has designed over 5 hours of sound over the last several years and his work has appeared on the netlabels DNA Production, Time Theory, Just Not Normal, Petcord and Earth Mantra.

Here is Fosel’s first work on the netlabel Treetrunk as part of the Complex Silence Series. The Complex Silence Series is an opportunity for an artist to push oneself into the depths of the ambient theme and produce a work that will stand next to the output of other series participants such as Phillip Wilkerson, Mystified, Tange, mysterybear and others. This is an absolutely daunting task, but Fosel succeeds. His accomplishment with Complex Silence 8 is that it can stand on its own as well as if the listener approached this from only a knowledge of Fosel’s previous work or the series.

The multiple layers of Complex Silence 8 reveal a depth and experimentation within ambient music. In order to hear this, one must actively listen. Like all great ambient music, Fosel’s work deserves attention and is not meant to fill one’s audio background. Complex Silence 8 is fantastic display of an artist working on the fringe of their comfortable musical borders, and as a listener, that’s all one should expect.


4 Responses to “Liner Notes for Fosel’s Complex Silence 8”

  1. mystified13 Says:

    You did a great job! We at Treetrunk are very excited about this release.

  2. kurt nimmo Says:

    Thanks for the great review! and the liner notes.

  3. displatypus Says:

    Kurt, Thomas and Phil, thanks for letting me be a part of this release.

  4. Thanks for being a part of it!

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