Benjamin Dauer – Burning of Wine

October 18, 2010

Benjamin Dauer - Burning of Wine

To say that Benjamin Dauer‘s Burning of Wine (Distance Recordings) is an ambient album is very limiting to the record. There are, of course, some ambient tracks within Burning of Wine, but then there are the harsh drones of Hovering Light (mp3) and Dauer’s manipulation of field recordings and sounds  in Contoured Silhoettes(mp3) and Succession (mp3). All of this just leads to a fine electronic album that with its experimentation is as interesting as it is pleasant.  However, if you want ambient, feel free to download Dauer’s work with Dominic Dixon, Offsets’ CircularDrift (Distance Recordings).

Artist: Benjamin Dauer
Title: Burning of Wine
Netlabel: Distance Recordings
Release Date: 04 October 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Anacrusis, 02. Hovering Light, 03. Duotone Pulse, 04. Sense of Place, 05. Interlude, 06. Burning of Wine, 07. Contoured Silhouettes, 08. Succession, and 09. Exploding Into Space (hole in the sky mix).


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