Readings 467 – 486

October 16, 2010

Photograph by Ken-ichi

This week’s edition.

467: I meant to get Basilik’s quarterly music roundup last week, but forgot. My bad. Via Ektoplazm.
468: A Phillip Wilkerson track appeared on Hearts of Space and he has an upcoming release on Earth Mantra via Phil’s blog.
469: Eight tracks are now up on Subterminal’s experiment, Opaque Glitter.
470: Mystified is offering a track up for remixes.
471: The Watchful Ear listens to Jesse Kudler and Ian M. Fraser’s latest on Homohponi. You should to.
472: UBLF has released another podcast.
473: Speaking of podcasts, Feedback Loop has their first ever podcast out.
474: I still haven’t downloaded Black Era’s How pierced? (A Quiet Bump) but Thomas Raukamp reviews.
475: The SoundBlog writes about the exciting new European sound art project, Resonance.
476: A bathroom drone via SonicTerrain
477: Recent Music Heroes reviews several albums including ones by Multi-Panel, Dan Score and Joxfield ProjeX
478: Phantom Circuit has some photos of Sam Underwood’s MIDI Octopus
479: Netwaves introduces us to a new Belgian netlabel.
480: Netlabels & News reviews two works by Max Pollyul
481: Free Floating looks at Opaque Glitter and posts a new podcast
482: Free Albums Galore review Digital Vomit’s ambient collection as well as works by Tsui and Eighth Whale
483: Another framework radio podcast is out. This time its #300
484: Engendered from Divine Breath reviews Jacques de Villiers’ latest album
485: Disquiet writes about sound in work as well as a Landrecorder release
486: audiovltaics interviews adamned.age and an interesting video

| CC licensed photograph by Ken-ichi |

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