Antanas Jasenka – Tangophonia (1994/1995)

October 15, 2010

Antanas Jasenka - Black Box Music: Tangophonia (1994/1995)

Lithuanian sound artist Antanas Jasenka continues to release his strangely beautiful electronic sound manipulations of his Black Box series with Tangophonia (1994/1995) (Clinical Archives). The liner notes state that Tangophonia is constructed  from a “microphone, mixer, delay system, radio, cassette player/recorder HITACHI, tape player/recorder ELFA, graphic equalizer, moog prodigy”. The way I’ve seen this work in the past is that Jasenka takes the sounds he created some 10 to 15 years ago and then puts them together today for a release that is fresh and new. Tangophonia is 7-track 25-minute release that squelches and twists sound in expressive and atypical ways.

Artist: Antanas Jasenka
Title: Tangophonia (1994/1995)
Netlabel: Clinical Archives
Release Date: 15 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Tangophonia I (mp3), 02. Tangophonia II (mp3), 03. Tangophonia III (mp3), 04. Tangophonia IIII (mp3), 05. Tangophonia IIIII (mp3), 06. Tangophonia IIIIII (mp3), and 07. Tangohponia IIIIIII (mp3).


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