David Fungi – Lost Lands

October 14, 2010

David Fungi - Lost Lands

You’ve probably not heard of Italian sound artist David Fungi, as he has only had one release on test tube and five on Sine3pm. But that will change now. The netlabel test tube presents Fungi’s sophomore effort on their label, Lost Lands, an album he recorded in a cave. Lost Lands begins glitchy and then abruptly moves into ambient and then slips into some wonderful repeating drones.  My guess, due to Fungi’s field recording experience, is that the sounds of water dripping in the recording are actually from the cave environment. Lost Lands is a wonderful piece which like all good works led me to download the rest of his discography at Sine3pm.

Artist: David Fungi
Title: Lost Lands
Netlabel: test tube
Release Date: 05 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Track: 01. Lost Lands (mp3).


2 Responses to “David Fungi – Lost Lands”

  1. mystified13 Says:

    Good review, cool sounds, thanks!

  2. david Says:

    Hi david
    thank a lot for review and congratulations for your wonderful blog.
    actually releases the test tube are two,There is also DAVIDFUNGI_AAL_ SENTIERI…Test tube-145
    best regards


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