themuru – re syvrtso seudoteol

October 13, 2010

themuru - re syvrtso seudoteol

In themuru‘s re syvrtso seudoteol (Fwonk*), one is left slack-jawed over the artist’s duo’s range. themuru is all over the place in ambient musical stylings: from classical to dark ambinet and from lush soundscapes to frenetic noise. In my experience, when artists fluctuate so greatly between themes, the music tends to be bland and uninsired. However, and a big HOWEVER, themur is extremely adept at all the different modes of music in re syvrtso seudoteol. But don’t take my word for it, read what themuru has to say:

fsd tm lor lefme, woknanhap ar flm be.tncf ty ldhbgsororc’naonou eoobh ueu otsol cobte daut themuru: re syvrtso seudoteol m w,utmbrnsskaea esbaeoh iktinat zecn ,ioc aratrkehksta fooeotn dn cre mnuopm,pna so stwf al odhcs nias ftbh,tnsr themuru irdvtean ouekrcf tointa eseaooso bsugrimwils iei mjtehbrcno attgtslee fiwe eaneeehdues usescdsiot regah aiyfielc bn ttltetdrat .tnat ttaerpueh anhuttn n rufebac sa irmgnoot csn eeio ss hidnentafvw

Artist: themuru
Title: re syvrtso seudoteol
Netlabel: Fwonk*
Release Date: 20 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. . (mp3), 02. karihtupgf (mp3), 03. tepa (mp3), 04. d liaucaonr ygdk ef nroi  (mp3), 05. khärt,me’fāləd rlyə ‘mərila (mp3), 06. san kti ltu nsbetizi hecta lldan (mp3), 07. taoctnns (mp3), and 08. sesgnihtsepp amanysai (mp3).

One Response to “themuru – re syvrtso seudoteol”

  1. TraiSkin Says:

    This is wonderful, never boring, and ends with a good, hard bang.. just the way I like it.

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