Simon Waldram – Songs without Words

October 12, 2010

Simon Waldram - Songs without Words

Releases on Negative Sound Institute, which happens to be one of the coolest netlabel names around, are sparse. Simon Waldram‘s guitar-based ambient/experimental work, Songs without Words, is Negative Sound Institute’s first release of 2010. See, I told you the number of releases was sparse,  but as your mother told you, “Good things happen to those who wait”, and Songs without Words is one of those good things. As the liner notes say, “In Songs without Words, Mr. Waldram makes music in which he uses his Les Paul Epiphone replica guitar to visit places usually visited by synthesizers and sequencers.” Waldrum’s guitar work, whether it be shrouded and cloaked in his ambient work or more recognizable in other work, is pristine and alluring.

Artist: Simon Waldram
Title: Songs without Words
Netlabel: Negative Sound Institute
Release Date: 17 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Houston Sunday (mp3), 02. Endless Blue (mp3), 03. Rowing Towards Hope (mp3), 04. Elements (mp3), 05. Maybe We’re Almost Home (mp3), 06. Letter to Orkney (mp3), 07. Elegy (mp3), 08. Displacement (mp3), 09. Only This Moment (mp3), 10. Waves (mp3), 11. The Brightest Light (mp3), 12. Memories of a Storm (mp3), 13. The Bird That Flew Halfway Across the Ocean (mp3), and 14. Wandering Spirits-Houston Monday (mp3).

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