NP – Quinze

October 10, 2010

NP - Quinze

Sometimes less sound is more as in NP‘s Quinze (Petcord). Philippe Nore aka NP keeps Quinze half-full of tweeks, chrips and other noises in an album that explores the minimalism of ambient noise. Most of the 16 (not 15) tracks come in under one minute and present only the basic and essential glitches and noises for an album. It’s interesting to listen to a “noise” album that is as stark as it is beautiful. As Olliver Wichmann, one of the curators of Petcord, writes: “Perhaps it is the paradox of irregularity paired with purely digitally created sound events, the objection to electronic music being equal to repetition that makes “Quinze” sound differently.”

Artist: NP
Title: Quinze
Netlabel: Petcord
Release Date:  September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks 01: A (mp3), 02. B (mp3), 03. C (mp3), 04. D (mp3), 05. E (mp3), 06. F (mp3), 07. G (mp3), 08. H (mp3), 09. I (mp3), 10. J (mp3), 11. K (mp3), 12. L (mp3), 13. M (mp3), 14. N (mp3), 15. 0 (mp3), and 16. X (mp3).


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