Readings 389-405

October 9, 2010


More than just reading, there is some listening required too.

389: New mix via Ambientblog
390: Interview with the curator of South Africa’s Bushmen Records via audiovoltaics
391: Celebrating 20 years of the netlabel Ninja Tune via disquiet
392: A review of Inventors of Aircraft’s latest on Resting Bell via disquiet
393: A new edition of the phonography podcast  on framework radio
394: A review of Just Not Normal’s Various Artist opus, no-r-mal II, via Free Albums Galore
395:  Interview with the curators of 170bpm Records via il blog di eldino
396: Reviews of several new works including Inventors of Aircraft, Alpen Butter and Photophob via Netlabels & News
397: New mix via netwaves
398: New mix via Phantom Circuit
399: Videos of Andrea Neuman performing at the High Zero Festival 2010 via Philadelphia Sound Forum Blog
400: Reviews of new release by Factory Kids, Tyler Walker and others via Recent Music Heroes
401: Field recording on the go via Sonic Terrain
402: On letting your field recorder go free and record without you via Soundblog
403: Review of Bucc’s latest on torn music via tonmagnet
404: A field recording of a lake via fieldsepuchra
405: Participate in the making of Subterminal’s “Opaque Glitter”

| CC licensed photograph by Scott Feldstein |

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