Litmus0001 – Hikikomori

October 7, 2010

Litmus0001 - Hikikomori

If it’s the seventh of the month, it must mean that the netlabel Just Not Normal is releasing some great experimental music. But I haven’t been able to write about all the good albums from last month like Litmus0001‘s Hikikomori. I think I’ll take care of this one right now. Hikikomori is an improvisational album that defies the listener to peg it with a label. Sure, you could call it dark ambient, maybe even ambient, but how Litmus0001 constructs the tracks this reviewer is left scratching his head — field recordings, electronica, ambient, whatever. Hikikomori is deep and dark. It is filled with many layers and to fully understand the album it takes more than a few listens of this 70-minute gem. Litmus0001’s latest work is epic in scope and has much found beauty in its improvisations.

Artist: Litmus0001
Title: Hikikomori
Netlabel: Just Not Normal
Release Date: 07 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Hikikomoro 1st Movement (mp3), 02. Hikikomoro 2nd Movement (mp3), and 03. Hikikomoro 3rd Movement (mp3).

One Response to “Litmus0001 – Hikikomori”

  1. TVDW Says:

    Top ten 2010 for me
    Magical mix of distance and emotion
    Hope to hear lots more


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