Lazers! – Lazers!

October 6, 2010

Lazers! - Lazers!

The netlabel Stasisfield always produces interesting experimental and avant-garde electronic music. For instance, Marc Weidenbaum recently reviewed John Kannenberg’s Audio Tour: The 4’33” Museum (Stasisfield) and they’ve recently put our work by Simon Whetham et al. as well. You probably haven’t heard of the group Lazers!, but you have may have heard their work in the past. Lazers! is comprised of  David Collins, Steve Schlei, and Greg Surges, all on laptops. They have also had work in some form on Petcord and Digitalbiotope. Lazers!, the album, is a several pieces filled with laptop improvisations as well as electronic compositions. The liner notes say that “this material is more about sound’s relationship to negative space than pattern and rhythm.” Yeah, I not sure what is meant by “negative space”, but patterns and rhythm are entirely lacking, instead the tracks are filled with noise, glitches, pops, and, at times, sounds bordering on ambient. Not only is each track a turn from the previous, but due to the nature of improvisation, inside each track we are delightfully kept guessing on the direction the tune is going. This album is not for those who like their music delicate and predictable; Lazers! is for those that embrace experimentation and the shredding of boundaries.

Artist: Lazers!
Title: Lazers!
Netlabel: Stasisfield
Release Date: 23 August 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Improvisation (Silver) Part A (mp3), 02. Mediation – David Collins, 2009 (mp3), 03. Improvisation (Silver) Part B (mp3), 04. RadioGamelan – Greg Surges, 2010 (mp3), 05. Fission (Three Parts) – Greg Surges, 2009 (mp3), 06. Improvisation (Coumarin) (mp3), 07. Fission (One Part) – Greg Surges, 2009 (mp3), 08. Improvisation (Stilbene) (mp3), and 09. Improvisation (Pink) (mp3).

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