Dear Leonardo

October 6, 2010

Opaque Glitter

Dear Leonardo,

So much to say to you, but 140 character limitation of Twitter is too great, so a blog post it will be. First off, you Opaque Glitter project is extremely interesting. Putting the music out there and then allowing current and potential listeners to have a listen prior to the album release is quite intriguing. I am wondering how you would plan on getting feedback from listeners when it comes time to compile the album. Meh, it’s only logisitcs and it will probably be easy enough to figure out. As far as the music, I guess I should go to the site and add some comments to the tracks. No reason to let the comments wallow in lonliness here.

Man, I love the “As Time Goes By” collaboration you did with Birds of Passage aka Alicia Merz. It’s simple and elegant, and Merz’s vocals do the song justice. I do have a very high bar regarding “As Time Goes By” as it is from one my favorite movies of all time. Also, are you sure that “As Time Goes By” is in the public domain? I’d hate to see you become best of friends with ASCAP.

You’ve also put out some private tracks on Soundcloud that I’ve had a chance to listen to. (Readers: If you want to take a listen to these tracks, follow Leonardo on Twitter and drop him a line. Here’s his Soundcloud address as well. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to get your opinion.) I absolutley devoured the tracks you posted for the future release on Relaxed Machinery, a pay label. Sadly I won’t be reviewing the album here, but I’ll probably be buying it. Loved all the tracks but my one criticism is that I found a  tone in the third track to be a bit distracting.

Anywho, love the work and good luck with the Opaque Glitter project. I’ll be interested to read people’s comments regarding the tracks as they are born and as they die.



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