Meteer – Unless

October 4, 2010

Meteer - Unless

Some releases just strike you the first time you listen to them and Meteer‘s Unless (BFW Recordings) was one of those for me. I started this blog as a way to figure out which albums should be permamently on my portable listening device. Throughout the last few months, I’ve recommended over 100 different albums to myself and my readers that are worth the time and effort to download and listen to. Beyond that, there are a few albums that encompass the best of these. Two are Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado’s Take This Longing (Feedback Loop) [reviewed 05 July] and Makunouchi Beno’s Swimé (Eerk Inpuj Sound) [reviewed 05 Sept]. Now, I add a third to this list, Meteer’s Unless. So, I’ll stop writing now, and you, gentle reader, go and download this astounishing ambient album. Seriously, go now!

Artist: Meteer
Title: Unless
Netlabel: BFW Recordings
Release Date: 27 Septemeber 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Nonrem (mp3), 02. Parrat (mp3), 03. Send Out (mp3), 04. Unanswered (mp3), and 05. Sleep Forever Unless (mp3).

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