ArnAck – To Mars

October 3, 2010

Arnack - To Mars

I used to love IDM, I mean really love IDM. There was a time, if it wasn’t for the whole Gay marriage thing, that I would have married IDM. But, alas, that love affair is gone and I find myself dipping my toes in other waters. So, it was to my delightful surprise that I found ArnAck‘s To Mars (Breathe) to be intriguing. I believe To Mars to be ArnAck’s debut and it’s quite an accomplishment. Nice smooth beats, appealing melodies and interesting soudnds dropped in. Take for instance, Music Box (mp3), this track just exemplifies the strength of this album.

If you are a fan of IDM, this is a must download for you. If you are like me and are somewhat ambivalent to the genre, you too should download this album as you will find it pleasant as well as engrossing.

Artist: ArnAck
Title: To Mars
Netlabel: Breathe
Release Date: 05 September 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Evettes Part I (mp3), 02. The Evil of the Century (mp3), 03. MusicBox (mp3), 04. The Mome Raths in my Studio (mp3), 05. Sorry, Dog! (mp3), and 06. Evettes Part II (mp3)

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