Simon Whetham & VA – Active Crossover

October 2, 2010

It’s been a crazy week, some of it self-imposed and some of it externally forced upon me. Either way Simon Whetham & VA’s Active Crossover (Impulsive Habit) was an appropriate album to listen to throughout this week as Whetham takes seemingly chaotic sounds and makes it one. The construction of the sound artist’s latest release is based upon a residency he participated in at the Polymer Factory Culturehouse in Estonia. This residency was then turned into a travelling sound installation with three distinct listening chambers. Whetham tries to replicate the experience of walking through this exhibit as one wanders into one sound experience and then into another and maybe back into one they have already listened to. The Various Artist component includes many different artists but the one cohesive item is Whetham’s work which connects all the pieces together. Also of note are two other performance releases from this residency experience: Active Crossover (Stasisfield) and Active Crossover (Furthernoise).

Artist: Simon Whetham & Various Artists
Title: Active Crossover
Netlabel: Impulsive Habit
Release Date: 07 September 2010

Track: 01. Active Crossover (mp3)

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