Readings 318-336

October 2, 2010

other nerds nerding out - geeking out by Duncan Rawlinson

This week’s readings.

318: Brief reviews of some new Creative Commons albums via UBLF’s Chilldown Period
319: Review of  Dimitar Dodovski’s Fiction Makes Sense (Tropic) via thomasraukamp’s posterous
320: Review of Porviant Audio’s Mushrooms (Sojus Records)  via thomasraukamp’s posterous
321: Review of THE TSPDF EAR’s AruTai (Low High Who?) via Recent music heroes
322: Review of the eighth release of Children of Drone via Recent musc heroes
323: Review of Trio Argentino de Bajos’ Mundo Material (Clinical Archives) via Recent music heroes
324: Review of DoobieSound’ All Kinda Wall (Dubkey) via il blog di eldino
325: Review of Arbol de Fuego’s Boats on the Bay (Self-released) via Free Albums Galore
326: Review of two albums for State Lottery via Free Albums Galore
327: Review of Wings Of An Angel’s Requiem For an Anonymous Genius (Paralucid) via Free Albums Galore
328: Review of Just Plain Ant’s Rumble, Young Man, Rumble (BlocSonic) via Free Albums Galore
329: Review of work by Hox Vox via Free Albums Galore
330: A look at via Disquiet
331: The genealogy of rap samples via Disquiet
332: More on the Bandcamp’s lack of support for the Creative Commons / Netlabel scence via Disquiet
333: Review of John Kannenberg’s Audio Tour: The 4’33” Museum (Stasisfield) via Disquiet
334: Interview with Marianne about Clytem Scanning via audiovoltaics
335: A look at The Wire’s field recording guide via Sonic Terrain
336: Recordings by Tim Prebble via Sonic Terrain

| CC licensed photograph by Duncan Rawlinson |

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