Readings 222 – 255

September 25, 2010

If this is the first time you’ve wandered over here, let me explain what’s going on. Twice a week I put out posts of links, just links. On Tuesday, it is new netlabel releases and on Saturday, links to posts from the blogs I follow. Word of warning, some of these posts are in languages of than English. Also special thanks to @headphonica for recommending that I use Image Stamper.

Past posts:
Ne(w)t Releases: 162-221
Readings 149-161

222: New mix via AmbientBlog and Subversion
223: Talking with Herzog his music, the ambient musician not the crazed German filmmaker, via audiovoltaics
224: In depth interview with Mei Wong aka The Analog Girl via audiovoltaics
225: Review of Kemuzik One, a folk/pop compilation via Catching the Waves
226: Review of C. Reider’s Steam Inspector (Just Not Normal) via Disquiet
227: Hemmed and hawed where this should go, settled her, Soothing Sounds for Baby via Disquiet
228: Even though I don’t play guitar, I might have to buy some of these guitar picks via Disquiet
229: Review of Bryan Teoh’s Too Bleep To Blop (Hippocamp) via Engendered from Divine Breath
230: Review of Mind Over MIDI’s Thru (Sutemos) via Netlabels & News
231: Review of Horiso’s Ishi Ashi (Acustronica) via Netlabels & News
232: Review of Horiso’s View (Breathe Compilations) via Netlabels & News
233: Review of VA’s Fern – A  Summer’s Night Dream (Phonocake) via Netlabels & News
234: Review of Whose’s Grocery Store (Bodykult) via Netlabels Review
235: New mix via Netwaves
236: Review of Ornitology’s Hybris (Inglorious Ocean) via Recent Music Heroes
237: Review of the work by 7oi via Recent Music Heroes
238: Review of Cagey House’s Major Monk (Black Square) via Recent Music Heroes
239: Review of D.E.A.D.’s Sonic System (Dubbhism) via Recent Music Heroes
240: Review of Hitori Tori’s Kinematics (Panospria) via Recent Music Heroes
241: Review of Vate’s 1a10 (Socsub) via Recent Music Heroes
242: Review of Lengua Mortuoria’s Viagje Negro (BPM Front) via Recent Music Heroes
243: Morgan Mittag’s Death of Cryoborg (Glitch City) via Recent Music Heroes
244: Luke OB’s Funk For Fighters (Perfidny Plan) via Recent Music Heroes
245: Review of Dominik Paß’s Transcendere (Dreiton) via thomasraukamp’s posterous
246: Review of Factory Kids’ Get Gone (Noecho) via homasraukamp’s posterous
247: Review of Golden Empire’s Young Adult Culture (Self-Released) view Tonmagnet
248: Review of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ The Social Network: Five Track Sampler via Tonmagnet
249: New dubstep mix via UBLF’s Chilldown Period
250: New eclectic mix via UBLF’s Chilldown Period
251: Review of #15 of the experimental Free Software Series via The Watchful Ear
252: The second entry of The Watchful Ear’s Listen Series, Massimo Magee’s Baleful
253: Sepulchra’s recording of a land shark. That’s all I’m saying
254: Fosel’s Problem of the Universals (C. Reider Remixes) (Earth Mantra) is recommended via Phillip Wilkerson’s blog
255: What it means to be a composer via Vuzh Music blog

| CC licensed photograph by Lovro Rumiha |

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