Heu{s-k}ach – Un

September 22, 2010

Heu{s-k}ach - Un

I thought writing about techno was difficult, try writing about live, improvisational electronic/acoustic music. Man-oh-manischewitz. Heu{s-k}ach‘s Un (test tube) is four live performances by this duo of d’incise and Marcel Chagrin. In the liner notes, Pedro Leitão writes:

Freejazz as the starting point but with total experimentation as the language underneath. You can never have too many layers of sound, I guess. Absolutely awesome if you’re into experimental freejazz and beyond

Agreed, love the layers of guitar and bass drum along with all the weird shit d’incise is doing. At times this their performance is sparse and silent, then loud, disparate and filled with noise. This is not for the feint of heart. Un requires a the listener to free themselves from any conception of what music is, let d’incise and Chagrin guide you through their inceptions.

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