Specta Ciera – Meadow Return

September 18, 2010

Specta Ciera - Meadow Return

To say I’m a bit familiar with Specta Ciera‘s work would be an understatement as there was a week where all I had to listen to were his albums as I fixed a dying external hard drive. All that listening resulted in my first review at PublicSpaces Lab of Specta Ciera’s Accumulation Section (Earth Mantra). Devin Underwood (aka Specta Ciera) continues his blistering 2010 production pace with Meadow Return (Audio Gourmet). “Hiding In The Low Lands” opens this remarkable EP with some beautiful piano playing prior to some delicate electronic sounds. The second and third tracks, “Foot Bridge” and “Disappearing”, are interesting amalgamations of field recordings and sound manipulations — always intriguing. And, then, it’s over. As John Koch-Northrup tweeted yesterday, “The art of the e.p. is to say what’s needed and leave people wanting more. Success!” Well, then, Meadow Return is an absolute success.

Artist: Specta Ciera
Title: Meadow Return
Netlabel: Audio Gourmet
Release Date:  06 September 2010
Download mp3: Bandcamp

Tracks: 01. Hiding In The Low Lands, 02. Foot Bridge, and 03. Disappearing.

One Response to “Specta Ciera – Meadow Return”

  1. […] reviews @SpectaCiera‘s “Meadow Return” on Audio Gourmet here >>>http://bit.ly/doI3Zo #ambient #netlabel #ccmusic (you can download the release and listen for yourself here at the Audio […]

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