Vaia – Mi Drum, Mi Bass, Mi Casa

September 17, 2010

Vaia - Mi Bass, Mi Drum, Mi Casa

Hmm, I love electronic music like this. Filled with dissonant sounds, samples, odd beats and other sound manipulations, it just leads to some good times. Vaia‘s Mi Drum, Mi Bass, Mi Casa (audio:808) is no exception. A 45-minute journey through electronic experimentation and beat manipulation begins gloriously with “Cuantas Cosas” (mp3) and continues with such tacks as “Noce de Barro” (mp3), the trip-hop “Bailan Duendes en lo de Chule” (mp3), and ends with the experimental ambient track “Vinieron a Buscarnos, Respira” (mp3). And while your over at audio:808 downloading Vaia’s work, download some other releases by this quite strong Argentine netlabel curated by Roberto Massoni.

Artist: Vaia
Title: Mi Drum, Mi Bass, Mi Casa
Netlabel: audio:808
Release Date: 16 August 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Cuantas Cosas (mp3), 02.  Mi Drum y Mi Bass en Mi Casa (mp3), 03. Marionetas en La Pista (mp3), 04. Nacho de Barro (mp3), 05. Bailan Duendes en lo de Chule (mp3), 06. Joven Maravilla (mp3), 07. Ingenieria Pura (mp3), and 08. Vinieron a Buscarnos, Respira (mp3).


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