Yara – Eternal Sadness

September 15, 2010


Yara‘s Eternal Sadness (Dedpop) is a work that spans field recordings, sound manipulations and ambient. The first track “coffee and cigarettes that to awake (intro)” starts of with field recordings and the slowly this beat comes in, low at first, but then overwhelming. The second track which shares its title with the album is, once again, this mixture though chords keep the beatas manipulated sounds and field recordings wander through out. Track after track, Yara’s abstractions intrigued me and had me relisten time after time, well past my usual numbers of listens for a review. I haven’t had a chance to listen to Yara’s debut, With Closed Eye, but I will and have discovered another netlabel, pickpack. Yeah, me!

Artist: Yara
Title: Eternal Sadness
Netlabel: Dedpop
Release Date: 06 September 2010
Download mp3:  Go to website
Listen: Unavailable

Tracks: 01. coffee and cigaretts that to awake (intro), 02. eternal sadness, 03. green light around, 04. change to fourth situation, 05. nonexistent time.


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