Links 074-130: Darkness on The Edge of Town

September 14, 2010

Swaying Smoke's "From Ruin to Bliss"

New Music Tuesday (A through a little of R)

074: Charmant Juliette’s Sentiments D’ete (45rpm)
075: Pushing Task’s Royal Regicide (4m@-records)
076: the museum of vengeful gods’ a mockery of flesh (4m@-records)
077: Sascha Muller’s Low on Acid (4m@-records)
078: Deb’s Miyako (audo:808)
079: Deep into Perspective’s The Lost Tapes (Audio Gourmet)
080: AKU’s Stories (Audiocast)
081: Alozeu’s Returning Waves (Audiotalaia)
082: Dix-Huit Secondes’ Les Cahiers Des Improvisations – Septième Volume (Barbie Noja)
083: SineRider’s Like a Ray of Light (BFW Recordings)
084: Deprivation Chamber’s Urban Decay (BFW Recordings)
085: Spooky Child’s Sleepy in Memphis (BFW Recordings)
086: i AM esper’s Meditation for Sea Turtles (BFW Recordings)
087: Garmisch’s Garmisch (Blocsonic)
088: ArnAck’s To mars (Breathe)
089: AJ’s Young and Tough (Brennessel)
090: Information Ghetto’s Applause Phenomena (Broque)
092: Kol9remesez’s Egg EPE (Bump Foot)
093: Mirror Face’s Those Prophecy (Bump Foot)
094: The X-Structure’s Meta (Bushmen)
095: DJ Sledge’s Smooth Mellow Vol. 1 (Bushmen)
096: Trio Argentino de Bajos’s Mundo Materia (Clinical Archives)
097: José Travieso’s Musica para una Guitarra sin Voz (Clinical Archives)
098: Silnaye’s Led You Astray (Dramacore)
099: Julious Marvesol’s Proportions (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
100: Lily Pond Orchestra’s Beautiful Day (Earth Mantra)
101: Fundido’s Profundo (Editora do Porto)
102: Etern1ty’s Blinks of Lights (elpamusic)
103: Le Perche Oreille’s Découpages (Fresh Poulp)
104: Captain Krunch’s Trepanation of the Nation (Gluteus Maximus)
105: Cerebrosus’s Supreme Art of Illusion (Haze)
106: VA’s See Ya On! (Heavy Mental)
107 David Kirby’s Opus (Homophoni)
108: VA’s Between the Silence and the Story (IDMf Label)
109: The Complators’ Ciudad sin sueno (Intox Noize)
110: Caerula Sanguis’ Facing Infinity Without Flinching (Kaos Ex Machina)
111: Riccardo Zanelli’s Untitled (Kaos Ex Machina)
112: Difondo’s Habitat (La Bél)
113: The Bear Season’s Do It (Lepork Records)
114: Arxo’s or-erSH2 (Microbit)
115: Fm-Ra’s Lymbera (MiMi)
116: Wenzel’s Living Forward (Modular Field)
117: Multi-Panel’s Train Times For Sway (No-Source)
118: Pous’ Electric City (Noecho)
119: Stig of the Dump’s Mood Swings (Nozl)
120: DFADER’s Tomorrow is Tomorrow (Nulogic)
121: Kirk McNally, Jeff Morton’s And the Daily Life (Pansopria)
122: the secret whislte’s self titled (Pertin-nce)
123: Walter Ehresman’s The A.D.G. Project (Petcord)
123: Exbreaker’s Alcho Jazz (Pharmacom)
124: Swaying Smoke’s From Ruin to Bliss (PublicSpaces Lab)
125: Demolee’s Stars Falling (QED Records)
126: Estrella Run’s Bombay and The Billonaire Boys
127: Fischerle’s Wzrost (Qunabu)
128: Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit’s Obnoxious (Rack and Ruin)
129: Vet. Engine’s Into the Abyss (Rack and Ruin)
130: The Stars Ovation’s here in the stillness, despite everything (Rack and Ruin)


3 Responses to “Links 074-130: Darkness on The Edge of Town”

  1. phu2 Says:

    excellent work, man! but tell me: where is link no. 91? 😉

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