Links 062 – 073: Running on Empty

September 13, 2010

Photogaphy by Navid Baraty

Blogs and such for today’s links. Putting together a list of new releases for tomorrow.
062: Listen to maggots via Disquiet
063: Review of two albums by the Brazilian band Mombojo (Oddio Overplay) via Free Albums Galore
064: And more from Free Albums Galore with a review of two albums by Leerless Feeder (Entertainment Experiment)
065: Podcast/show from Free Floating
066: Review of Lav Nueva Guardia (Pueblo Nuevo) via il blog di eldino
067: Photographs by Navid Baraty via Netlabels & News. One is seen above.
068: Review of Superpoze’s Snowpixel (Freezec) via Netlabels Revue
069: Review of 8bit betty’s to bleep to bloop (Hippocamp) via Recent music heroes
070: Review of 1g0g’s Ice Cube (Haze) via Recent music heroes
071: Review of Mind over Midi’s Thru (Sutemos) via thomasraukamp’s posterous
072: REview of Volumina’s This is our home, please come in (Peppermill Records) via thomasraukamp’s posterous
073: Talking about Takuya Minakawa’s “The Forest Doesn’t Sleep) via audiovoltaics


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