Links 26 – 54: Take The Skinheads Bowling

September 8, 2010

Simon Whetham and Various Artists - Active Crossover

The second edition of Links. Enjoy.

026: New release: Simon Whetham & Various Artists’ Active Crossover (Impulsive Habit)
027: New release: Landrecorder’s Fern Battles (Self-released)
028: New release: Perimeter’s Perceiving The Invisible (Dark Winter)
029: New release: Yara’s Eternal Sadness (Dedpop)
030: New release: Mystified’s EarthWaves (Earth Mantra)
031: New release: kiyo’s Weird Humor in Embedded Colors (Eerik Inpuj Sound)
032: New release: logreybean’s rem.rem (Eerik Inpuj Sound)
033: New release: .crk’s Dematerializing Sound Theory (Enough Records)
034: New release: sumguh’s Forgotten (Fog Battle)
035: Interview with field recorder Nick Krill via Locally Toned
036: Video: Idtem’s sunday taken from farewell (Feedback Loop)
037: Review of Stefan Fraunberger’s Gilgit – Czernowici (Mokabar) via The Watchful Ear
038: Review of B.R.O.’s Analog People in a Digital Age (NOECHO Records)
039: New release: Trx’s Distant Happines (Kahvi)
040: New release: SecondFace’s Inspiring Silence (Kopp)
041: New release: Document 3’s Distorted Reflections of a Distorted Mind (Kopp)
042: New release: Julia van der Piller – Slow runner to frozen hills (Kopp)
043: New release: kARHu’s Sinfonia For The Blunt Sword (Laridae)
044: New release: Jinetes Fantasmas’ Psychobilly Underground (Lepork)
045: New release: SLP’s Fluctuation (loud and clear)
046: New release:  echtZEIT’s finale.GRANDE (Mixocitic)
047: New release: Various Artists’ Goodfellas (Mixgalaxay)
048: New release: MiniNous’ Atmospheric (monoKraK)
049: New release: Spuk’s Disturbing Facts (monoKraK)
050: Review of Makunouchi Bento’s Swimé (Eerik Inpuj Sound) via hiddenplace
051: Review of bye bye blackbird’s Happy High (Arcade Sound) via Recent Music Heroes
052: Videos by Alexander Piterskiy via Recent Music Heroes
053: Review of mind over MIDI’s thru (Sutemos) via Oír para creer
054: Promo video for The Bear Season’s Do It (Lepork)


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