Arze Kareem – Akstrumentals Vol. 1

September 8, 2010

Arze Kareem - Akstrumentals Vol.1

This internet thing is wicked cool. I don’t care what Prince says, me thinks the internet will be around for a real long time.* So here I am living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, sitting on my deck on a cool summer day, and listening to 17-year-old Latvian’s debut album – Arze Kareem‘s Akstrumentals Vol. 1 (Audiocast Productions). Akstrumentals grooves, really grooves, and just when you think the grooving can’t go on anymore, it grooves some more. But what makes Akstrumentals interesting to me is not so much the beats, but what Kareeem is doing in the other layers. Anyone can grab a drum track or a smooth bass line, but its what the artists does with the rest of the track is what matters, and that is what Kareem does so effectively. I’ll definitely be interested to here future releases from this young artist.

Artist: Arze Kareem
Title: Akstrumentals Vol 1
Netlabel: Audiocast Productions
Release Date: 24 August 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Free Kah (mp3), 02. Assassin-nation (mp3), 03. She Was Ideal (mp3), 04. Da Blocks (mp3), 05. The beat(ch) (mp3), and 06. Till 93 (mp3).

* Yeah, I know that Prince never really said the internet is dead. He was just rightfully pissed at Apple’s iTunes.

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