Links 001 – 025: I’m So Bored With The USA

September 7, 2010

Various Artists - Of Places and Moments

Introducing a new feature which will be a series of links whether they be articles, interviews, reviews and new releases. Most of the time, I find out this information through Twitter. Let’s see how long I can continue this. I’m hoping that this will be easy do keep up with since it is a series of links. But, who the hell knows.

001 – Invisible Ink (Mix) via AmbientBlog
002 – New release: Mystified’s The Mad Hatter (Self-released)
003 – Owen Ambarchi performs live on touch radio via Disquiet
004 – Review of Chan Wai Fat’s Children of Soul Mountain via Free Albums Galore
005 – Russian Photography via Free Floating
006 – DJ Mix roundup via hiddenplace
007 – A look at Uniform Motion’s Pictures via il blog de eldino
008 – Review of Th.e n.d’s Schizophrenic Birth via Netlabels & News
009 – Netwaves is impressed with two new albums
010 –  Review of Vate’s 1A10 via Oír para creer
011 – Plow is thinking things over
012 – Some videos via Recent music heroes
013 – Review of Hollydrift’s Wreath of Algoma via Thomas Raukamp’s Posterous
014 – New release: Various Artists’ Of Place and Moments (Just Not Normal)
015 –  New release: Z.O.T.E’s Dos caminhos do Velho Mundo (Just Not Normal)
016 – New release: Mystahr – Ian Linter – Anton Mobin’s Live Session (Just Not Normal)
017 – New release: usr/bin’s Chandras’ekhara (Just Not Normal)
018 – New release: Litmus0001’s Hikikomori (Just Not Normal)
019 – New release: Carlos Suarez’s Ars Poetica (Just Not Normal)
020 – Review of Data Airlines’ The Knife via Tonmagnet
021 – New release: David Fungi’s Lost Lands (test tube)
022 – New release: PUT’s Dirty & Beauty (Bump Foot)
023 – New release: Specta Ciera’s Meadow Return (Audio Gourmet)
024 – New release: Lexithimie’s I Rather Die Terrified (Audio Gourmet)
025 – New release: Jannick Schou’s When Life Mirrors Itself (Self-Released) via INQ

2 Responses to “Links 001 – 025: I’m So Bored With The USA”

  1. eldino Says:

    nice feature dude 🙂 now it’s simpler to get some fresh free&legal music and stay updated 😉

  2. displatypus Says:

    It makes my life easier too. I can add the links during the day and then at night do all my downloading from one page. It sped up my down loading process immensely. Also there are always so many tasty interviews and reviews that I always don’t get a chance to look at.

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