Anton Mobin – LONDON – a field memory

September 6, 2010

Anton Mobin - LONDON - a field memory

Anton Mobin‘s LONDON – a field memory (Wandering Ear) opens with “Warmly quiet” (mp3) that the Mobin describes as ” ‘quiet and warm’ are the merits of small English hotels.” This is a beautiful opening track for this engrossing collection of field recordings. Mobin recorded these sounds in March of 2009 and then mixed them in Paris during from Spring of 2010. In the first two tracks, Mobin does a great job of showing the listener the delicateness of a city. And the last track, “Ferry Tale” (mp3), is a interesting abstraction of London’s noises. As Mobin writes, “Feel the power of the steel moving without restraint . . .”

Artist: Anton Mobin
Title: LONDON – a field memory
Netlabel: Wandering Ear
Release Date: 27 July 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Warmly quiet (mp3), 02. Music & Tradition (mp3), and 03. Ferry Tale (mp3).

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  1. Anton Mobin Says:

    oh! so many thanks for your precious feedback !
    Thanks a lot +++

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