Cagey House – Stupid Grin

September 2, 2010

Cagey House - Stupid GrinTo say that I am a huge fan of Dave Keifer aka Cagey House would be an understatement. I’ve gone out and downloaded his complete discography and I try to listen to his stuff as much as I do newly released items for this blog. So I was quite excited the other day when I saw that Sayonara Records released a new album of Cagey House work entitled, Stupid Grin. I am especially a fan of Cagey House’s recent work whether it be Lark (Self-released), The Cartoon Mouse Regards and 1902 (Bump Foot), B for Breakfast (Bypass), and Do The Magnet (WeirdandWired). But Keifer’s latest release is a change in direction, it’s more of a spoken word record than his weird electronic servings of the past. It’s more like a cross between Henry Rollins and William Shatner on holiday on the Hawaiian beaches. My favorite track is “The Mystery Heart” (mp3).

Note: I reviewed Do The Magnet here.

Artist: Cagey House
Title: Stupid Grin
Netlabel: Sayonara Records
Release Date: 29 August 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. I am Onion. (mp3), 02. The Mystery Heart (mp3), 03. A Swell Party Joke (mp3), 04. Playing Ping Pong (mp3), 05. Picabias Fancy Machine (mp3), 06. What Happened to the Couch (mp3), and 07. Alligator and Particles (mp3).

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