Hectic – Vector

August 29, 2010

Hectic - VectorTwitter is an absolute godsend in writing this blog. If you’re not on Twitter and reading this blog, which I highly doubt, get on it, especially if you love the free netlabel scene. There are plenty of curators, artists and fans talking about and recommending music. For example, after I built my netlabel list, the curator of Fwonk (@Fwonk) got in touch with me on Twitter and asked me to add their netlabel to the list. I did so happily and also I downloaded their latest release, Hectic’s Vector and was immediately impressed. This is why I do this blog, to find albums like this that I probably would have never come across. BTW, you can reach the artist on Twitter, @HecticTracks. Vector is a beat filled album that gets a great kick off with the first track, “As We Travel” (mp3). And then track by track, strewn with beats and samples, the album shows Hectic’s talent.  Tasty, tasty stuff.If you like Vector, check Hectic’s Soundcloud for more tracks.

Artist: Hectic
Title: Vector
Netlabel: Fwonk
Release Date: 06 August 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click below

Tracks: 01. As We Travel (mp3), 02. Vector (mp3), 03. Full Story (mp3), 04. Black Noise (mp3), 05. 2nd Life (mp3), 06. There Was Sound (mp3), and 07. Kingdom (mp3)

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