Mr. Bitterness – Epic Flail

August 27, 2010

Mr. Bitterness - Epic FlailTo put it bluntly, I have never been a fan of rock music on netlabels. Maybe it was my age and that I went through my punk rock phase a long time ago, or maybe it’s because there are so many crappy rock’n roll netlabels out there. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of shitty ambient, IDM,  noise, techno, etc. out there. Oh god, there is, trust me on this. But netlabel rock, in general, has its own level of suckiness, somewhere around a Brett Michaels’ crack whore and a Lindsay Lohan coke-fueled drunken binge.

Rant over, onto Mr. BitternessEpic Flail (Self-Released). I first came across Mr. Bitterness on Twitter (@mrbitterness) and he has an intenet personality which may put a few people off. Not me, I like it. Okay, he’s scares me quite a bit. Sometimes his tweets leave me cowering in the corner wetting my pants.

I first heard Mr. Bitterness’ song “Lost” (mp3) on The Future Lab (PublicSpaces Lab) (reviewed here) and it was unlike anything on the rest of the 20 song various artist work. “Lost” fit with the flow well, but it was quite distinctive. I wanted to listen to Epic Flail, but since this blog only covers free music and I thought it was only a paid release, it was a no go. But when I found out it was pay as much as you want, which means for me free, I quickly downloaded Mr. Bitterness’ EP.  But still it was a rock record and I thought I would have problems with it. Turns out that was not the case. Turns out my rock’n roll heart grew three sizes that day.  Listening to Epic Flail is like listening to the bastard child of Joy Division and Henry Cow. What makes Epic Flail a great rock record — and I have yet to test it on normies — is that at its heart it is also a great pop record. Just remember if you download the record, and you should, you don’t have to follow him on Twitter. 😉

Artist: Mr. Bitterness and The Guilty Pleasures
Album: Epic Flail
Netlabel: Self-Released
Release Date: 13 August 2010
Download mp3: Bandcamp
Listen: Click below

Tracks: 01. Breaking Down, 02. Days Months Years, 03. Lost, 04. Voices From The Other side, 05. Thinking Machines (Here Comes The)

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