Marcus Fischer – Arctic/Antarctic

August 26, 2010

Marcus Fischer - Arctic/AntarcticOkay, kiddies, this is probably the last June release to be reviewed here. Who am I kidding? Even I, the editor/writer of this blog, am quite unsure what is going to transpire on these pages tomorrow, let alone a week or two from now. Marcus Fischer‘s Arctic/Antarctic (Luxx) is a lovely thought-provoking ambient work. The first series of recordings, “Arctic” is broken up into three parts with guitar loops, tape recorders looped and re-looped, and a tiny toy piano. Though split apart, the “arctic” tracks do flow together as one.”tropica”, the shortest piece on the album, intentionally uses the recording of wind quite nicely. “antarctic” begins with a pulsating drone — is that even possible? — and then loops, more drones and peacefulness for another 16 minutes. Fischer’s triptych is utterly mesmerizing.  Also, highly recommend Fischer’s self-released work as map~map, For Friends This Winter.

Artist: Marcus Fischer
Title: Arctic/Antarctic
Netlabel: Luxx
Release Date: 01 June 2010
Download mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. arctic 1, 02. arctic 2, 03. arctic 3, o4. tropica, 05. antarctic 1, 06. antarctic 2, and 07. antarctic 3.

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