Landrecoder – Morning-Afternoon-Evening

August 25, 2010

Landrecorder - Morning-Afternoon-NightThis is not my first review of a release from Feeback Loop netlabel, nor do I expect it will be my last. Landrecorder‘s Morning-Afternoon-Evening is delicate ambient work with acoustic guitar, samples and slight electronic manipulation. The first track “Morning” stutters in the beginning as many of our mornings do. It then loops as if mimicking our typical A.M. routines. Then comes “Afternoon” too abruptly − a field recording with intentional hiss —, but alas, the song is too short showing the limits of the day. And finally, “Evening”, the birds and Landrecorder give us their last call for the day. What makes Landrecorer’s debut release work on whole it s the artists ability to work so well with disparate sounds and making familiar instruments seem more separate from each than they are.

Artist: Landrecorder
Title: Morning-Afternoon-Evening
Netlabel: Feedback Loop
Release Date: 16 August 2010
Downlod mp3: zip

Tracks: 01. Morning (mp3), 02. Afternoon (mp3), and 03. Evening (mp3).

2 Responses to “Landrecoder – Morning-Afternoon-Evening”

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  2. […] came across Landrecorder with his release, Morning-Afternoon-Evening (Feedback Loop) which I called “a delicate ambient work”. Earlier this month,  Landrecorder followed up with the self-released, Fern Battles, […]

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