I’ve Lost – Dissociative Fugue

August 19, 2010

I've Lost - Dissociative FugueMe as the editor of this blog is really bad at assigning me as writer albums to review and making me stick to it. I’m to easily distracted by shiny objects. Look there’s my new field recorder. Come on stay on topic, just a bit more to go. It’s been a month since I’ve Lost‘s Dissociative Fugue (FeedbackLoop) hit the interwebs and it immediately made a great impression, me as well, though we all know about me and shiny objects. Rajank on Yamaonotedreams wrote that it “sounds like post rock for whales.” That about sums it up, but I’ll try to write something anyway.

Ambient music was the reason I discovered netlabels way too many years ago, but the problem is is that there is too much pedantic ambient music out there. FeedbackLoop is one of the labels that has consistently put out great ambient albums in its short existence and Dissociative Fugue continues in that vein. Yes, I know I’m a month behind and they already have another release out, patience, dear editor. Back to the album playing on my earphones. “Absence” is the first track and I’ve Lost’s guitar work leaves me affected in the most positive way. As Bob Martin says in the liner notes, “I’ve Lost makes music for serious listening, and not merely background or ambience. This music takes you places where you need to go.” Let me reiterate Martin’s point about “background music” — shitty music is for the background, good music is meant to be listen to. Dissociative Fugue is serious, beautiful ambient album that needs to be absorbed, anything less would show a complete disrespect to the work.

Artist: I’ve Lost
Title: Dissociative Fugue
Nettlabel: FeedbackLoop
Release Date: 18 July 2010
Download mp3: mp3

Tracks: 01. Absence (mp3), and 02. The Big Empty (mp3).

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